Puppy Love


It was Mr. M’s first birthday recently. We got him this cute doggy cake – to celebrate his delight in dogs, especially our neighbour’s black and white mongrel, Scooby. Now, Scooby is an old dog, gentle and a great favourite with the neighbourhood hounds (their 1 am parties testify to this). Scooby could also do with a good bath and generally better care all round, but that is another story.

So, Mr. M loved this cake. He laughed at it and still does, every time he sees the photographs.

He’s learning what we all know. Cake = pleasure. 🙂

Submitted for Photo Friday. This week’s theme : Pleasure


2 comments on “Puppy Love

  1. Lovely! Wow, goa has come a long way in fancy cakes. When I was growing up it was my mother’s many botched attempts later that a cake close to this grandeur would be produced. Unless ofcourse one had enough money to order a fancy-schmancy from Pastelaria- the last word in those days in all things cake:-)

    More on the B’day celebration please.

  2. Aaaw happy birthday to young man M! And isnt that the truth: cake = pleasure…

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