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…official statistics point to rape as the fastest growing crime in India, even when compared to murder, robbery and kidnapping. Despite assurances from law enforcement, the federal Home Ministry’s National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) states that every 30 minutes an Indian woman is raped. Since 1971 when rape cases were first recorded officially, the NCRB has registered a 678% increase in the crime…

Isn’t this absolutely shocking and shameful? The Goan newspapers have an almost daily news item reporting a rape or molestation case, often where the victim is a minor. Almost 99% of these cases go unnoticed because these are ‘local’ girls and not a foreigner (with apologies to them – those cases are important, too). 

This article from the WIP (excerpted above) is disturbing and it reminds us that this is a topic that needs to be addressed and quickly. Mr. CM, we don’t need speed cruises, zorb ball, dirt courses or gas balloons to boost our economy. Give us safe neighbourhoods and a system that brings to justice (quickly) anybody who dares to ‘molest’ a woman. Too much to ask?


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