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Central Library, Panjim – what could be

Central Library in Panjim is moving. A new multi-storied building costing more than 16 crores will house the new library and all the contents of the old one. Lack of space, lack of sufficient storage for the rare books housed in the heritage Institute Menezes Braganza building and general upgradation of services are cited as some of the reasons for the move.

The new building is still under construction. While the fake red tile roof is still being assembled, here are some photos that could perhaps inspire the interiors. Wishful thinking? Well, that’s what libraries do to you…

The private library of William Randolph Hearst (via tumblr)


Library at Oxford University.
Taken by ehadz on flickr.

Library at Oxford University (via flickr via libraryland)

State Law Library, Des Moines vialibraryland

State Law Library, Des Moines (via libraryland)

city library of stockholm

Stockholm Public Library


 Library of Congress by saturnism.

Library of Congress (via Apartment Therapy)

Trinity College Library (via Apartment Therapy)


Aren’t these gorgeous? The perfect setting for a quiet afternoon of browsing through shelves of perfectly organised books. Sigh.

Will this dream come true for Panjim? Watch this space.

to be continued…


One comment on “Central Library, Panjim – what could be

  1. I especially love the Trinity College library, great use of space without being at all dark, and gloomy with the added benefit that you could people-watch from the upstairs gallery if that took your fancy too 🙂 Best of all is the wonderful relaxed atmosphere that is created by this beautiful beautiful building… makes you want to drop everything, pick up a book and nothing else all day but read.

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