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The Noticer

Have you read The Noticer by Andy Andrews? It’s an inspirational book with lots of little ‘lightning-bolt’ moments sprinkled between the pages. I quite enjoyed it – it reminded me of Mitch Albom’s books.


And is it just me or do you often give the characters in a book a ‘voice’? When I read, I often ‘hear’ the words being spoken (okay, I’m not hallucinating yet). The physical and emotional attributes of the character converge into a voice-over of sorts. In ‘The Noticer’, the instant I heard the character of Jones speak, guess who came to mind ? Morgan Freeman. If there was a movie version, he’d be terrific to play this role.

The book has led to ‘The Noticer Project’, a worldwide initiative to notice the 5 most influential people in your lives – before it is too late. Read more here.


One comment on “The Noticer

  1. I loved the noticer as well! I reviewed it on my blog at http://fablefreak.wordpress.com check out what I thought of it!

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