‘If I ruled the world’ essay contest


In 1,000 words or less, tell us what you hate about the world – what bothers you or ticks you off, and how you’d fix it if you were running things. Open to anybody who
enjoys writing. Essays should be persuasive – they should develop an idea, topic or argument and try to convince readers to accept an idea. Essays should be well-organized, and if necessary, give evidence, examples, and logical arguments; but they should not be boring! Great writing will be rewarded.

Essays should be no more than 1,000 words. The top essays will be featured on this site, and receive a free critical review.

Deadline is February 1, 2010. Winner receives $100 via PayPal.

(Via Fundsforwriters.com)


If I ruled the world…

  • I’d make honking a criminal offense in India.
  • I’d ban ‘loud’ music at all times.
  • I’d fine politicians for every poster or banner featuring their name that was left on public property.
  • I’d ensure that we had the right to cast a negative vote.
  • I’d have a retirement age for politicians.
  • Heck, I’d get rid of all politicians, pronto. Would save us a lot of bother. Might actually do some good.
  • I’d ban mining in Goa.
  • I’d ensure that every child got an education, never went to bed hungry and didn’t need to work to stay alive.
  • I’d throw those involved with spurious mid-day school meals into prison for life . People who benefit by hurting children in any way don’t deserve to be a part of civilised society anyway.
  • I’d make having a garden compulsory for every residence – it doesn’t have to be like the Blenheim Palace gardens, just window boxes with pretty flowers will do.
  • I’d limit the number of hours a human being spends on the Internet. Some ‘real’ interaction will be mandatory.

Yup. I’d do all this. Vote for me.

(This is not my entry for the contest, obviously. I want to win – I’ll be writing something more…eloquent. 🙂


3 comments on “‘If I ruled the world’ essay contest

  1. It doesnt really help necause its not about u its about if kids ruled the world

  2. behanchod,fuck you,i will put my penis into yours mother and sister vegina very soon and you will see two new born babies in your house.and dont forget i am your dad.

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