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New Year Resolution # 13

Every December, I come up with a (long) list of resolutions for every area of my life. Whether it is my goals for writing, my home or family, I like to list my intentions down on paper. I find that writing things down usually makes them happen.

This Last year, I was distracted. I helped Baby M make his resolutions, then never got around to writing mine down, although they’re all in my head.

To help myself remember, and to make it happen, I’m trying out a pictorial method of my goals for this year.

Here’s one (in no particular order):

via pradaanswers

via pradaanswers

I had ambitious plans to read lots more with the baby around. I thought he’d sleep a lot more, play quietly when awake and let me have long hours with my books, my writing, my erstwhile life. You can stop laughing now.

In 2010, I will try to complete (at least) 10 books.  

I will also choose books over the internet in 2010. This is especially true for my blogroll over on my decor blog. How time flies when you’re looking at pics of beautiful rooms 🙂


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