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Tommee Tippee Easiflow Cup (6 mths +)

Tommee%20Tippee%20Easiflow%20Cup%20-%20Pink%20by%20Tommee%20Tippee%20bigWe received this cup as a gift for Baby M and it came with a small leaflet inside with information about other TT products and a diagram on how to use the cup.

Despite doing what the leaflet said, there was no water coming out of the yellow spout. The pointed pink spike inside doesn’t have a hole on the top either and I was wondering whether we needed to cut off the top like we do on sealed straws.

Google came to my rescue as usual. It seems that mothers the world over are confused as to how to use this cup. On almost every parenting forum, women are sharing stories and tips on using this product. Most of them are putting the cup back into storage to be used only later as a drinking cup (minus the lid).

For all those who searched Tommy Tippee’s website in vain for instructions of any sort, here’s the solution!

First of all, remember that it is your 6 month + baby who will use the cup, not you. What is it that babies this age do? They bite. They chew. They chomp down on everything (well, mine does).

So, assemble the cup as per the instructions. The pink spike points upwards and fits into the yellow spout snugly. Don’t worry about the spout being blocked. Fill the cup. Close the yellow lid so that it snaps into place and doesn’t rotate anymore. Give it to baby.

Baby will chew on the soft yellow spout which will cause the pink spike underneath to shift ever so slightly resulting in a little liquid coming into baby’s mouth. This is ideal for babies who are not ready for free-flowing liquids yet. Plus, they can chew all they like!

Try it yourself. But sterilise it again before giving it to baby. Let me know how it goes


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