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Friday’s Futile Questions #2

Is it only in India that cars have this ‘music’ while reversing? You hear everything from a beep-beep to Beethoven, to Jingle Bells, Silent Night and Happy Birthday. Every day.

I don’t recall seeing this in the UK or anywhere in Europe. Our car in the UK had rear parking sensors which were meant to alert you when you got too close to something. It certainly didn’t beep ALL the time.

In India, we have chosen to disable these unnecessary sounds. We choose not to add to the cacophony. So no reversing music, no door locking indicators. And for those who say that they need the music to alert people that they are reversing, guess what. We haven’t had an accident yet (touch wood).

You don’t need music to prevent accidents. You just need to slow down and pay attention.

And when you hear Silent Night at 3 am (ah, the irony) every night, when there’s absolutely no other traffic around, you know that there’s something seriously wrong with the traffic rules and with what automobile manufacturers consider necessary ‘accessories’.


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