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Game for some busking?


Musequality (UK) is organising a world busk in June 2009 (8th – 14th)to raise funds for the projects they support. What is busking, you ask? Busking means performing in a public space for donations. All those musicians you’ve seen in underground stations in Europe and the West, or playing in parks and squares with a hat at their feet? Those are buskers. And most of them are damn good musicians. Some are so good that you have to audition to busk in places like the London Underground, where there’s a waiting list.

Some time ago, in an interesting experiment, the charming Joshua Bell tried busking at a Washington DC train station. Here’s what happened:

Click here for the article in the Washington Post : ‘Pearls before Breakfast’

Musequality is inviting musicians and singers, young and old, amateur or professional, to busk this June. You can even be part of a world record attempt on 14 June when musicians worldwide will busk for Musequality at noon, local time. Young musicians/singers are especially encouraged to participate. Have some fun and raise funds for a very good cause at the same time. Learn more here: www.worldbusk.org

Mr. R will be busking. The baby & I will be there to watch. What will you be doing this June?


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