Ideas to try: Guerrilla Gardening

One of the things I miss deeply about England is the possibility of looking out of my window and seeing green. No matter what time of the year (and despite the constant rain), the English landscape encourages you to celebrate the season. I loved waking up every morning to our tiny little garden, home to robins, daffodils and giant roses in the summer and always lined with grass throughout the year. Green is a sight for sore eyes and I could do with some right now.

Goa is one of India’s most beautiful states and Panaji is definitely one of the country’s better maintained capitals (that says a lot about the rest). We have our river, the promenade, the footpaths circling the colourful houses. Every street has some lingering aura of quaintness, even among the ugly glass fronted office buildings and neon signboards.

All this, but not much green.

Ever since I heard about them, I have been an admirer of the Guerrilla Gardening group in the UK. These daredevils work quietly to reclaim open and neglected public spaces by planting flowers and trees when no one’s looking. And what do you know? Before you realise it, an open space, a rubbish dump, a sorry traffic island are all blooming with daffodils, cherry blossoms and the most unexpected vegetables.


image from here

“Digging for revolution” is such a cool concept that I’d love to see it implemented in Goa and elsewhere. I’m tired of seeing open spaces being used as dumping grounds for bottles, building debris, plastic waste and everything else in between. Forget the big maidans, how about reclaiming the little bits of land under trees, in public gardens, on the corners of our streets?


How about here? Clean roots, some grass, wildflowers...

In this ugly world, we all need some beauty in our life to keep us inspired, calm and remind us of how precious our land is. 

Anybody game for some landscaping?


5 comments on “Ideas to try: Guerrilla Gardening

  1. God bless the susegadoes. They sleep while the rest of India eats up their lands 🙂

  2. Hey C…am on ….lets green that ugly patch…
    Lets meet when you can manage…will come over.

  3. I’m in! Let me knw when your upto some guerrilla warfare, and I’ll come armed with some compost and a watering can! 🙂 9890936828 -clinton..

  4. Hi Chryselle,

    Mahinder’s asked me if it would be possible to water the green patch a bit, as it needs constant watering for the 1st 15 days to catch on. After that it should do well with occasional watering.. (I’m no gardener, I’m just the messenger!)


  5. […] post on Guerrilla Gardening generated some enough enthusiasm from friends locally that we got to work straight away. T offered […]

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