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Heartbeats in Goa

p10701791In a rare combination, a brilliant lunar eclipse accompanied Zakir Hussain in performance on his Grammy winning night.

The tabla maestro was in Goa performing as part of ‘Heartbeats’, a fantastic group with other greats like Shankar Mahadevan (vocals), Sivamani (drums),  U Srinivas (Mandolin) and Selvaganesh (Kanjira). Each performer was breathtaking individually and collectively, they brought the house down with their jugalbandi.

It was delightful to watch Mahadevan in a classical avatar – such a pleasure to hear him sing. The euphoria of the evening made it worth sitting on the uncomfortable cement steps of the open air auditorium at the Kala, surrounded by two year olds reciting ‘I am a tea-pot’. 

If you haven’t seen this group in action yet, try catching one of their shows. Whether you enjoy Indian classical music or not, you’ll like this unusual fusion of the traditional and the modern.


One comment on “Heartbeats in Goa

  1. congrats on the move, and lucky you, to be close to all that music!

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