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Pizzas on the sidewalk

It’s been ages since I’ve had a pizza, so Mr.R and I had an early V-day celebration yesterday. After a brief stop-over at the (rather crowded and noisy) Grape Escapade at the Inox Courtyard, we headed to Edu’s, at Miramar.

Located on the sidewalk right next to the Magsons supermarket, Edu’s is one of the few places in urban Panjim to have outside seating. Even with the traffic speeding by, the ambience is rather nice. Quiet conversation, faint music (just the way it should be), polite and quick service, a mixed clientèle and of course, the pizzas.

Two menus offer you a wide variety of food. The pizza menu is divided into Italian (medium pizzas with thin crusts, only, around Rs.225/- each) and US pizzas (in Regular, Medium and Large, with thicker crusts, prices vary from Rs.95/- onwards). The other menu offers you the usual Chinese and Indian fare. Drinks & food are very reasonably priced.

The pizzas were very good. I chose a veggie Italian pizza. The crusts were thin, soft and the toppings adequate. The veggies were cooked just right – slightly crisp, yet not over baked. Mr.R’s Mexican pizza was good too – it would have been terrific with a thinner crust. Lesson for next time.

And there will be a next time!

The only rotten bit about outdoor eating is the unavoidable dealing with beggars. Two little girls hovered around the tables, asking for scraps or money. Eating a delicious pizza while pretending that they are invisible is not easy. There is no easy solution to this problem, including giving them money to leave you alone.

Overall recommendation: Worth a repeat visit, very reasonably priced (2 pizzas, 2 drinks, 1 starter – around 500/-), nice location & ambience.  Busy on weekends.


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