Animal Rescue, Goa – List of numbers

Happy New Year, everybody!

The other night, Mr. R and I were on the way back from a lovely anniversary (4 years!) dinner at Le Poisson-Rouge at the Baga River when we noticed a stray dog lying on the road, surrounded by stones. We stopped and asked a shopkeeper opposite and we were told that the dog was hit by a speeding car. They had given him some water and didn’t know what else to do.

Mr. R had a number for an animal rescue organisation and we called them up. It was 11pm by then and not surprisingly, there was no response. Fortunately, the dog seemed to revive, and with a whole pack of similar looking dogs watching with great concern (along with an RAF man, gun and all) from the other side of the road, he got up and limped uncertainly into the dark.

This morning, Mr. R and I have been working on a list of rescue agents in Goa. Unfortunately, we’ve not yet found a 24 hour helpline that will pick up an injured animal.

However, if you come across a sick or injured animal, here’s where to call:
(* information still being updated as it is often difficult to get through to some numbers – not a good sign!)

North Goa
PAWS (Panjim Animal Welfare Society)
Phone: 0832 -2225850
Timings: 9.30am – 12 pm / 2pm-5pm
Area: Panjim Municipality Area only

International Animal Rescue
Phone: 0832-2268328 / 2268272
Timings: 8.30am – 5.30pm

Goa SPCA (Socrates Oliver Veterinary Hospital)
Phone: 0832 – 2416180

GAWT (Goa Animal Welfare Trust)
Phone: 0832 2759849


7 comments on “Animal Rescue, Goa – List of numbers

  1. The listing is a good reference point. However the link to PAWS should be removed, it does not point to the correct organisation.

    I have been searching the net, but don’t think PAWS, Panjim has an online presence.

  2. Hi,

    I tried calling your nos and could not get through,hence this note. I am from Assagao and the cat (White and black) is a regular visitor at Mrs.Maria Fernandes´s house at Bairo Alta, Assagao. He is now with you as he had some real bad sore on his ears. Just incase he is well and healthy, please drop him back.

    Thank you for taking good care of him in advance !!

  3. Hi .
    I see so many pupies left on the road side in the villages.. it fells so sad to see them.. please help me to save them. I love animals

  4. Hi .
    I see so many pupies left on the road side in the villages.. it fells so sad to see them.. please help me to save them. I love animals.. lets save animals.. cause they feel the same pain what we feel.

  5. is it a fact that the Animal Rescue
    centre run at Assagao-Bardez-Goa has been stopped?

  6. Non of the south Goa numbers r working. Kindly update

  7. One cat is badly injured . Please take her away

    Address: porvorim , aradi bardez goa

    Phone no: 8605533585
    Please come as fast as possible

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