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India has no Obama

We get three papers at home during the week and add the Sunday Express to the basket on Sundays. Of course, by the time the paper makes its way from Bombay, the sun has set in Goa already, but never mind. It is a rare pleasure to read a paper fresh in the evening.

I like the Express. I like it because the writing is somewhat tight. The TOI has lost all its lustre and the local papers desperately need good sub-editors who can string a sentence together. I’ve heard good things about HT and of course, when in Bombay, I look for the Mint.

Anyway, back to the Express. In this Sunday’s paper, Tavleen Singh comments on India’s current obsession with Obama and whether we’ll ever have a hero as inspiring as that.

For those of us not directly involved in politics, hope keeps us going. We believe that surely there is someone in this crowd of a billion people who can stand up and make a difference in Parliament. We haven’t seen him/her yet, but the law of probability says that such a person should exist. But as Tavleen says,

…In such a bleak political landscape the only way to keep our spirits up is to hope that one day in the distant future things will change for the better. Meanwhile, we can amuse ourselves by watching our TV anchors speculate on whether our Barack Obama is Rahul Gandhi or Mayawati. The suggestion that either is anywhere close is so absurd that you can either laugh or cry….

Read the article here.

It’s a shame our choices are so limited. What will it take for an unknown person to stand up and raise the nation to a frenzy of change? How do we get rid of our demons in white kurtas? Will we see an Indian version of Barack Obama in our lifetime? Or will our tryst with slavery to the party system continue well into the next century?

With state elections looming, the answer is in the ballot you’ll cast. Make your vote count.


One comment on “India has no Obama

  1. Very good post! Have a good day.

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