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Under the carpet – soon it’ll be IFFI season again…

With this year’s IFFI round the corner, Panjim is in for its annual facelift. With just a couple of weeks to go, the eyewash whitewash has begun .Government buildings are getting a fresh lick of paint (no scraping, just slapdash over the existing coat), road dividers are refreshed, and calls for tenders went out last week (rather late, I’d think) for a quickie pavement and street-light restoration job.

If they could only clear the garbage (and not bury it surreptitiously), put dustbins for the public to use, get the municipal sweepers to sweep a little more diligently, that would be marvellous. This city/state can be so much more beautiful – if it can’t happen in these next few weeks, we’ll have a long wait till next November.

This year, IFFI expects over 5000 delegates and has a few ‘open to the public’ schemes as well. For about 100/- per film, the junta can see movies (up to 3 a day, I think), including in the new Indian Panorama section. Why restrict it to three is beyond me; perhaps that’s a way of keeping the riff-raff non-delegates out.

Goa, like a lot of other places, tends to be rather elitist when it comes to so-called prestigious events. While many events are advertised, several others are by word-of-mouth only. The organisers possibly think that they’ve done a great job by limiting it to people they know (and they do get bums on seats because this is a small place – people attend everything). And then they wonder why more people don’t come / take interest / learn the local traditions and customs.

So over the next few weeks, the hoi-polloi will scramble to get delegate passes and catch up with people who can get them seen at the events. It should be interesting to watch.


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