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Writing full-time: I have good intentions

If I had known that internet connectivity in India was going to be such a pain, I wouldn’t have grumbled about AOL while in the UK. BSNL has ruined all my plans to freelance full-time – how on earth is one supposed to have an international career with no connectivity? And all this, after paying a minor fortune for an annual subscription. I’d like a refund, please.

This full-time freelancing is coming along, much slower than I planned, though. By now, I’d have liked to have been up and running, sending queries by the dozens, exploring local ventures to cover. Two trips to Bombay in Sept / Oct effectively delayed a lot of that work, but it was a good break – so no complaints there. We’re back now and things seem to be progressing. My queries for this year have reached 99,close to that 120 queries goal I had set myself. Will I get that done before December? I think so.

Writing wise, lots of assignments in the pipeline, some have been commissioned already. I love deadlines. And the checks that come in after that.

I *will* write full-time. Soon. November 1 sounds like a good date to wrap up all pending issues (not that far, gulp) and get down to work. I have good intentions, but the universe (or Goan infrastructure) conspires against me. Editors, please note.


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