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Where credit is due

If you are a BSNL broadband subscriber in Goa and have ‘technical problems’, here’s what you do:

1. Whether or not common sense (or the lights on the modem) indicate an active DSL connection, call the linesman to verify that it the line is ok. If you skip this step, chances are that the helpline will direct you to do this before anything else. To lodge a complaint, call 198 and somewhere at the end of the options menu, select broadband as the problem.

2. If that is ok, call one of these numbers: 2423800 / 2423471 / 2236707. You might have to try for several days before someone picks up the phone, so don’t get disheartened.

3. I got through on the second number today and spoke with a Mr.S, who was helpful. He ran through my settings (which I had already done myself, but if you are a novice, it’s a good thing), asked me to retype the password, reboot the router etc With no luck, he asked for the password and fiddled around with settings himself. Hey presto, it worked. When asked what was it that he had done, he said that he had merely reset the password and typed it again. Now, I have done this a zillion times in the last four days and that couldn’t have been the problem, but there was no point in trying to wrangle information out of him.

At the end of it all, the internet is still working as I write, so I’m not complaining. Follow these steps, befriend your linesman and be ready to hand over your password when asked.

And when you’re done, do a google search for how to change your password.


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