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Goa Broadband blues

BSNL’s miserable broadband service is at it again. After a lucky streak of unbroken internet availablity, the service is patchy once again. For the last three days, we’ve had an on-off, on-off situation. Enough to drive one crazy. Even more so when you are depending on that green light for your livelihood.

Today, while trying to find a helpline number, I discovered that I am not alone. India’s broadband forums are rife with complaints about the shoddy service (and yet Goa wins the award for best infrastructure – how bad must the other states be?).

Finally, at 1.30 pm, I called 1500, which is the BSNL helpline for Maharashtra and Goa. After going through the menu, the phone rang, and then, was abruptly disconnected. Strange. So, I tried again and the same thing happened. Then, it struck me. Lunch time!

I called again at 4 pm (allowing for lunch and siesta). This time, a young man picked up (name muttered under his breath). Asked me what the problem was, I explained. Long silence. After repeating “Hello?” several times, he said “One minute, Ma’am” and then, was gone again. When he came back, I spoke to him in Hindi as he seemed more comfortable in the language. Long silence again. A few seconds later, the phone was disconnected.

I don’t give up that easily. I dialled again. Got through to Anil, who was coherent and listened to the problem. He gave me two numbers for “Goa Techical” (2423800 / 2423781) and promised me that they would help.

I try the Technical numbers. The phone rings. And rings. And rings.

4.30 pm: I try again. The phone still rings. Where are these people?!

In the meantime, the lights blink, go off, stay steady, go off, blink and do everything but stay on long enough to get any packets across.

I’m thinking of calling a bandh in protest against the BSNL. I’m in the mood to shut down shops, beat up hawkers and generally prove that you can’t take us for a ride.


One comment on “Goa Broadband blues

  1. Welcome to India! 😉

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