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The Green-eyed Monster

I sit before the modem, staring at it intently, hoping to hypnotise it into working. “Blink, you idiot!”, I chant (in my mind, of course). The green light finally comes on and tantalisingly, stays on. I know the game plan by now. I wait. The light stays on. It’s my move. Do I dare switch the PC on? I say a quick prayer and press the silver button. The system boots, modem lights stay on. Could this be our lucky day?

Booting done, I spend a few minutes hovering over the browser icon – this is getting to be stressful. The green light remains steady almost saying, “Don’t worry, I’ll behave”.

I take the plunge. Click the icon. The browser window opens.

All lights on the modem stay on. Then promptly disappear.

I try for six hundred more times. Then give up. For today.


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