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Goa in the monsoons (for lack of a better title)

This ‘adjustment period’ has been a busy one. We’re still waiting for our luggage to arrive.Apparently it’s still stuck on the high seas due to bad weather. I have this vision of our crates of books toppling into the ocean, files turning into fish food.

In the meantime, Mr. R has been on three treks, we’ve been Ganesh-visiting (Ganesh Chaturti is a BIG festival here. The State’s been on a week long break of sorts). I’ve got a bit of writing done despite the lousy internet connectivity. We’ve been to museums that we’ve always heard of, but not had the time to visit and ferry rides back and forth on the Mandovi.

We checked out the annual harvest festival on the island of Divar which was a colourful event full of floats and fancy dress. The ride back from the village to the ferry was breathtaking. Unending expanse of green fields, kingfishers and lapwings minding their own business and in the distance, white churches perched on green hillsides.

Goa in the monsoons is really lovely. If you plan a trip, make it during this period. It’s quieter, cleaner, and really, really lush.

To prove it, pictures coming soon.


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