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Please, Mr. Postman

It’s been two weeks since we posted a letter from Goa for Mumbai. We did the right things: stood in a long queue at the Head Post Office, didn’t roll our eyes when the counter staff disappeared grumbling about lunch timings, weighed the envelope and stuck a 20 rupees stamp.

On the same day, we posted two envelopes destined for England. Funnily enough, those have reached while we’re still waiting for the Mumbai envelope to turn up. What happened here? Did the envelope fall behind a dusty sorting table when you were not looking? Did the dog nibble on your bag during your tea break? Or did the rain wash out the envelope and the stamp making it impossible for you to forward it on?

Or perhaps the postman in the Mumbai post office is saving a delivery for a dry day. That’s not true, because post is being delivered every day (or whenever there’s some).

So where has my precious envelope gone? Next time, there’s only one recourse: either send mail by registered post or courier. Without a receipt, it’s impossible to follow-up. Without proof, our words have no value.

Update: 7/8/08: The brown envelope finally arrived in Mumbai. Posted in Goa on 23 July, it was postmarked 26 July (took 3 days to get from the post box at the entrance to the counter in the Head Post Office?), and postmarked 6 Aug in Mumbai (took 10 days to reach Mumbai, or did the Borivali PO sit on it and then stamp it when they were ready to deliver?)


One comment on “Please, Mr. Postman

  1. “Arre, Madam, late hi sahi … letter finally mila ke nahi … fir kaheko komplaint” 🙂

    Hi MW, how r u ? i had been away from blogland for a looooong time … so r u now in goa ? or mumbai ? is it a vacation trip ?


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