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Music to our ears

In the meantime, while I’m waiting for the internet to spring to life, at least Mr. R is happy. He managed to get his Worldspace Radio connection reactivated.

The Worldspace website lists about 10 dealers in Panaji. Not one is currently operational. After making the rounds of one office we were given the number of someone in Mapusa (“You know the Idea shop in Mapusa? Just behind that”). That guy behind the Idea shop put us in touch with someone in Panaji, who promised to come the next day “after 10:30”.

The next morning, Mr.R and I waited. And waited.

About 12:30, two chaps turned up and tested the connection. They reactivated it, but couldn’t get the one channel that Mr. R wanted. Out of 40 channels, we wanted just one. And it was proving elusive.

Our friends suggested shifting the aerial. How do we do that? A shrug, a shy smile. They put their heads together, then decided to try shifting the aerial to the next room. So they dismantled the aerial, took hammer et al and climbed out of the window. After much trying, they gave up. The roof was out of the question.
By 1:30, we got fed up and sat down to lunch. They were still huddled together trying to figure it out. It was only after 2:30 that the strains of classical music filtered through the room. The antenna was back in its original position. Nothing had changed, yet they were able to get a signal.

All that is now long forgotten. Now that Mr. R has a very good 24 hour classical radio connection, all is right with the world.


One comment on “Music to our ears

  1. This “behind so-and-so” and “tomorrow at/after such-and-such time” is so Goa! It brings back such fond memories of summers spent with my parents fretting about whether the man meant to clean the roof before the monsoons, booked on the first day of our month-and-a-half-long vacation was going to arrive before we left the house to return to Mumbai. SO GOA! It’s great to hear from you again. I hope you get your broadband up and running soon.

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