A very warm update

If you thought that semi-retirement involved late breakfasts, delicious lunches, siestas, shopping and dinner, you were right. That seems to be the schedule for the moment as we recuperate in Mumbai. We’ve taken July off while we get used to being back in India and let me tell you, it needs some adjusting.

Life in the UK changes the way you see things. Even after a few years out, it is hard to reconcile travelling by crowded public transport, walking on a mockery of footpaths (paved beautifully, but you need a stepladder to climb onto some of the new ones) and close your eyes to the filth and squalor on both sides of the road as you pass by.

The good news is that we are being fed, watered and taken care of. We’re still waiting for the monsoons to hit us, but I guess we should be grateful (in some perverse way) for the lack of rain so we can walk around occasionally. The paucity of rain means a water shortage and it’s back to bucket baths at scheduled times!

The writing, in the meantime, progresses. I’m technically on a break until August (when I start freelancing full-time), but I’ve just had an acceptance from a UK magazine for a reprint of an article. I also spotted a bridal mag on the stands here with my article in it – such a great feeling!

While we’re having a holiday, we’ve been to see Mandira Bedi & Samir Soni perform in ‘Anything but Love’ (***/5) at Bandra’s St.Andrews and saw Hancock (*** for the special effects) last night.

And oh yes, our shipment arrives sometime in August. It will be good to be reunited with our worldly possessions.


2 comments on “A very warm update

  1. I’m glad to know you got there okay and are doing just fine. Thanks for the update. You’re making me want to go back now 😦

  2. I’m always tripping on those pavements!

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