(Or ‘Questions you should stop asking us’.)

Given the curiousity surrounding our impending move to India, here are a few FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) that have been thrown at us. Read the answers and forward them to others, if required (relatives, please note!)

FAQ’s about our move to India. Updates as questions come flying at us.

1. Why are you going back?
A. Going back was always part of the plan. This was something I’ve known we’ll be doing ever since I met Mr.R. It was just a question of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’. Sooner seems better than later, so here we come.

2. What are you going to do back home?
A. We’re going to live the retired life. Really. For the first time, both of us don’t have to work to earn a living. We can do things we’ve always wanted to do. How many people get that kind of opportunity in their lifetime? We’re lucky to be able to do this while we’re both young, able and have our enthusiasm intact. We’ll be writing, going on photography expeditions, painting, travelling and living an adventurous life (we hope). We can always go back to work if needed. Retirement for a while seems lovely.

We have other plans, of course, that are too premature to discuss here. More later.

3. Do you have any children? If not, why not?
A. None of your business.

4. Will you miss the UK?
A. Of course! There’s so much to miss. We’ve loved being here and while Goa/Mumbai has its own charm, England is very different. There is no point in comparing the two, but yes, we will miss being in England very much.

5. So, why are you going back, again?
A. See 1.

Ask me any of these questions and don’t expect a straight-forward answer. Stay safe and read the blog regularly to stay updated on developments.


2 comments on “FAQ’s

  1. We shall certainly miss you! We are quite envious. I know what it feels like to follow your dream-but for the moment we follow another star.
    All the best, do keep us posted what you are up to.

  2. Heh heh would like to steal some of these answers…also very envious! Good luck!

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