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I will miss

  • The sight of our patch of landscaped lawn surrounded by tall hedges (like a secret garden) in sunlight
  • Motorways and lanes
  • The delicious green quietness of England
  • The robins & blackbirds wallowing in our make-shift bird-baths
  • Acres of public parkland
  • Cherry blossoms in April
  • The possibilities (very important word) for running, cycling or walking alone without being harassed
  • Blueberry muffins from Morrisons
  • The snugness of a good winter coat

One comment on “I will miss

  1. Think of what you will now have!

    The sight of colorful clothes hanging from balconies everywhere.
    The music from a thousand horns and sputtering engines on the road.
    Acres of streets under water during the monsoon.
    Possibilities of practicing your kung-fu moves every time you take the public transport.

    Welcome back! 🙂

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