It’s Official: We’re heading back

Yes, you read right. The decision’s finally been made. We’re relocating! The move was a long time coming – it’s always been a question of ‘when’, not ‘if’.

So, how do you pack up a life and move to another country? Simple, you contact your friends who have done the same.

The move is occupying our days and nights. One would think it should be a simple matter to merely contact an international mover, get a quote, agree to it and ship everything over. Considering that we don’t have much anyway, it should be a cake-walk.

Well, easy as it may sound, cake-walk it ain’t. We’re still to finalise a mover, still to close up bank accounts, still trying to sell the car and give away odds and ends.

Relocating is an interesting experience. Considering how stressful it is, one would think there would be a lot more information and expertise available on the subject, but comprehensive help is lacking. I’m going to document my own experiences to help anybody else moving to India.

In the meantime, if you know of anybody (movers, bankers, buyers for a car), please get in touch.


2 comments on “It’s Official: We’re heading back

  1. Hey Mumbaiwallah. I did a couple of years at Xavier’s (1994 to 1996) and though that’s not as good as the whole five years, my soul is Xavierite. It’s such a shame that you live so close to us and we didn’t ‘find’ each other earlier. I know you’re going to be terribly busy with the move and I hope it all goes well for you. Do ping me if you drop by Oxford before you go. I will keep visiting the blog, so keep ’em posts coming!

  2. What amazing news! So are you going to be Mumbaiwallah in Mumbai?

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