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Sand in my eyes

Exploring our room took us a brief two seconds and then we were off to explore the English seaside. This was my first ever visit to the English coast and I was looking forward to the sun and sand.

Boy, were we glad we had our woollens with us. It was cold!

The pier had an amusement arcade full of mean machines that took your money – we’d explore those corridors later. We walked down the High Street to the Information Centre to check on cycling and other things to do. Armed with brochures, we headed to the beach. Beige sands stretched into the distance ending with a rather imposing white cliff topped with green. Looked enticing.

The sand was pretty firm, relatively clean and not very crowded. Some brave children in their swimsuits frolicked in the water. Mr.R, always game to try things, decided to give it a shot too. The water was freezing – he came back pretty quickly. The only other people in the water were Indians. Really.

The Saturday was a lovely day for pictures. The sun was out (doesn’t stop it from being cold), there were large stretches of unoccupied sand and sailboats bobbing in the wind made a pretty picture. Mr. R and I walked down to the cliff, followed the route to the cycle rental place (no bikes available), then walked on, found the Zoo at the end of the road, made a note of timings and headed back.

Dinner was a nice meal along the promenade. We were glad to be indoors, safe and warm.


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