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Of Tigers and other beasts (on the road)

The next two days were spent in a flurry. We went to see the famous IoW Zoo – home to ITV’s Tiger Island. The tigers were lovely, mostly hand-reared. Zoo’s are always depressing, though. No matter how well the animals are cared for, you’d think they would be happier in the wild. Lots of Indian tigers here.

We went cycling on the morning of our return. Having reached the shop as soon as it was open, the bikes were, unfortunately available. I could see Mr.R’s joy. I haven’t cycled *properly* in years (well, if you count that time in Cambridge in 2005…) so my apprehension was natural. We decided to follow the ‘Sunshine Route’ a pre-planned path for cycling and walking. It took us out of Sandown (watch out for that car!)and onto the main road. At one point, my concern about getting back in time to pick up our bags took the fun out of the ride. We decided to stick by the sea – it made for a more picturesque ride and we’d have our bearings as well.

Riding a cycle with a hard seat is no fun. But at that time, it wasn’t an issue. The gears, however, took some getting used to. We cycled all the way upto the cliff, past the zoo and onto the flower filled meadow where I gave my bike a break (on the pretext of taking pictures) while Mr R explored on.

Two hours of cycling was more fun than I thought it would be (don’t tell Mr.R I said that, though). We returned the bikes about noon, had an early lunch and headed back. Transfers back were as smooth as before.

So, our recommendation?

The IoW is good for walks, cycling and other leisurely activities. Read up on it before you go, though, so you can explore a bit more. There was a walking festival on when we were there, but we found out too late. The island is pretty small and if you’ve got a car, great. Public transport, as usual, is a little tricky, especially the buses. Take the island train instead and explore.

Next stop, Brussels.


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