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Bath and Beyond

I’m swamped with assignments. We’ve been travelling. Weekends are busy.

Those are my excuses for not posting.

Over the Easter bank holiday, we went to Bath. Our Schengen visas have expired and we’ve been too busy to take a day off to get an appointment, so something local seemed the only option.

Things to do in Bath (and surrounding areas):

1. Visit the Roman Baths : The heart of Bath’s attractions are the Roman baths. The only hot water spring in the UK brought people to Bath from far and wide centuries ago. The tradition still continues. Entry is a bit pricey around £10.50, but includes a free audio guide, entry to the museum and if you can remember, a glass of hot spring water (ordinary cost 50p).

2. See the lovely Georgian architecture: Visit the Royal Crescent and the Circus.

3. Do a free walking tour. Starts from the Abbey churchyard (outside the Pump Rooms) and takes about 2 hours. Very good. Gives you an over-view of the city at no cost. Carry an umbrella.

4. Visit the Holborne Museum (closed for restoration now). See Jane Austen’s house opposite (no.4 Sydney Place)

5. See Bath Abbey. It’s free.

Other touristy favourites tend to be:

The Jane Austen Centre : Bath’s most famous resident, Jane Austen lived here for a few years and mentioned the city in some of her books. The Centre itself isn’t so great – not much info on her itself. The current exhibition focuses on a new BBC film called ‘Jane Austen Regrets’. It’s not expensive (£6.50), but don’t expect too much. Ogle at the Mr.Darcy posters in the shop.

The Fashion Museum and Assembly Rooms: If you’re interested in clothing, this could be a place to visit. Similar to the V&A in London, the museum follows the history of clothing and has some unique collections. The entry there is £7.50, but the Assembly Rooms are free.

Longleat Safari Park (about 40 mins drive from Bath): Imagine a pride of lions in the English countryside. Then imagine a pile of cars peering at them. That’s Longleat for you, in a nutshell. Great to see all the animals. Not so great to queue up to see them – don’t they get affected by car pollution?


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