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Everybody has a story.

Do you know someone who has done something interesting, exciting, out-of-the-way? Perhaps you have. It doesn’t have to be massive like climbing Mount Everest or volunteering in Africa. It can be something simple or (in your mind) inconsequential like teaching your maid to write or fighting for a cause in your neighbourhood. Perhaps you’ve had a difficult life and you’ve survived to be happy and tell the tale.

Whatever the story, how about sharing it with me? I’m looking for stories to write about in magazines and newspapers. If you would like to tell the world about the good things you’ve done or point me to someone else who the world should know about, just let me know and we’ll take it from there.

Everybody has a story. Just ask yourself: what makes you different from the person you’re sitting next to? The story’s in your answer. Share it with me.


One comment on “Everybody has a story.

  1. This is a neat idea and the timing is coincidental too.

    A few hours ago I was reading someone’s story – who will probably turn out to be a new friend as we have so much in common – and realized, “Hey! This is uniquely her and I am so excited to be reading this! I like reading about a person from their own vantage.”

    [Here is the thread where I start by speaking of a coincidence regarding an article I wrote on a dream I had and then found a painting – over a year later – resembling the artwork I’d made for my article. How the demons looked the same.]

    Anyway. I thought that your writing this topic was neat. As for me, the only thing I have done interesting this week is begin an online petition: ban tasers from the police. [You can visit me at my blog if you’d like to read more about how that came about…]

    Anyway. Congratulations on helping me to realize I do love to read human interest stories from the human’s perspective.

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