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A morning at the British Museum

The Terracotta Army Exhibition is on at the British Museum until April. Be warned, advance tickets have been sold out months ago. The only way to get in now is to queue up for the daily 500+ tickets on sale each morning.

Game for an adventure and prepared for disappointment, Mr.R and I left home at 7:30 am, reached the museum at 8:40 to find a looooong queue snaking around the Great Court. The ticket counter was already open and the queue was inching ahead. That was a good sign. Within seconds of our joining the queue, it seemed like a hundred people were already behind us. We reached the counter about 20 minutes later and got tickets for the 12:20 slot – not bad, considering the queue ahead.

Having got the precious tickets, we had a quick breakfast at the café and then proceeded to the wonderful (and free) part of the Museum. A brief walk through the Egyptian hall to say hello to the Rosetta Stone, we headed to the first floor.

Wonderful treasures from the Middle East and Egypt greeted us. Lovely jewellery, pottery and intricate carved pieces gave silent testimony to an era when art and craft flourished.

Mr. R was keen on seeing the ‘mummy’ section – and what a display that was! Dozens of coffins, elegantly painted (inside, too!) stood along ancient mummies wrapped in delicate, will-crumble-if-you-touch linen bandages. Curiously, I was okay seeing the human mummies; it is the animal mummies that turned my stomach.

From there, we wandered into the Ancient Europe section which was again, full of remarkable things including some stunning jewellery.

Admiring that section alone brought us close to the 12 pm mark. Finding our way out of that maze of chambers would leave us with just enough time to get back to the Great Court and into the exhibition.


One comment on “A morning at the British Museum

  1. When I was 7 years old back in Manila, we went to see the terracotta exhibit of the Chinese army. It was an amazing collection.

    Hi! I am new to the Expat-Blog community and I hope that you’d visit my blog soon! I am currently living in England, having moved from Manila 4 years ago. Have a great week ahead!

    A Pinay In England

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