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Wembley Dosa

Having spent NY’s Eve at our friends A&P’s place in Kew, we trooped to Wembley for an unusual New Year’s brunch.

Chennai Dosa in Wembley is a favourite haunt of A&P, and with good reason. The food is authentic. That alone is a good reason to go. Secondly, it is (very) reasonably priced. I don’t think I’ve had a cheaper (and I mean that in a good way) meal in England yet. Dosas range from £1.60 for a plain dosa to about £3 for a fancier one. The family dosa (6 feet!) is priced at £9.95

The Chennai Dosa website proclaims themselves “probably the best dosa maker in Europe.” While I’m not in a position to dispute that claim, I can say that the dosas were crisp and the chutney was fresh. Mr.R’s dosa was a bit of a disappointment – he chose the Green Chilly Coriander Dosa (£2.15). The description reads “Dosa with green chilli and coriander toppings served with chutney and sambar.” And that’s exactly what it was. A plain dosa with a chilli or two and some coriander leaves. No potato filling, nothing. It seemed a bit strange, but we put it down to novelty and left it at that. Mr. R borrowed a bit of my potato filling (I had the Spicy Paneer Masala Dosa – £2.99 – which again was your regular masala dosa with a sprinkling of paneer on top.) and we were happy.

Our party of six adults and one child had mango lassi’s (£1.75) and chai in addition to our meals. With all that hogging, our bill came to only £35 or so, which is a fantastic price for so many people.

The restaurant itself was bare bones with no pretensions of luxury. Steel tables and chairs, an overwhelmingly Indian clientèle (duh!) and sometimes-friendly- sometimes-not staff make for an experience to overcome any feelings of homesickness you might harbour.

My rating :

  • Value for money : 10/10
  • Ambience : 3/10
  • Quality of food : 8/10


Chennai Dosa currently has 6 branches in London. Visit their website for locations and a full menu for each branch.


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