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Annual Review 2007

It’s time for a news round-up, once again.

2007 was a busy year for us. We moved house, travelled a lot, had many guests and celebrated a couple of important occasions. This was also, for me, the best year of my writing so far.

Here’s the quick update :


February :

  • Writing-World.com published an article
  • Feature on meditation published in an Indian in-flight mag
  • We had heavy snowfall
  • Saw the exhibition on Chola Bronzes at the RAA.
  • We had a disastrous VD dinner – next time we stay at home, away from conniving restaurants.


  • Saw the marvellous Renoir exhibition at the National Gallery
  • Saw‘Becoming Jane’ at the local cinema.
  • We go to a concert by the Berlin Phil at the Barbican
  • See a performance by the LPO at the QE Hall.

April :

  • A second article published by Writing-World.com,
  • we started a Save the Tiger blog and
  • spent Easter in sunny Venice.
  • We spend a Sunday at the London Zoo (and come back with a few hundred photographs – the zoo is a must see for anybody.)
  • Saw a wonderful performance by Joshua Bell at Reading.


June :

  • Our local church celebrated its 50th anniversary – Mr.R played the violin at the concert.
  • My family came to visit and hopefully had a good time.
  • Elsewhere, England drowned in summer rains.


August :


October :

  • Travelled to India.
  • Celebrated Mr.R’s mum’s 75th birthday.
  • Went to B’bay to help with baby brother’s wedding preparations.
  • Mr.R takes an adventurous trek to the Dudhsagar waterfall.
  • I have three articles in print in an Indian in-flight magazine
  • Mr.R receives his first magazine credit for his photographs.
  • While on holiday, I’m asked by the editor if I can write one of the cover stories for the Dec issue, which I do.


December :

  • My copy of the Countryside Tales Winter Edition arrived, with my essay.
  • We spent the month enjoying our first Christmas in England (including carol singing at shopping malls)
  • Took a weekend trip to Bridgnorth to be with friends,
  • had a big Christmas lunch and
  • spent NY’s eve with friends.
  • Midnight mass was lovely with carols and all, but I was surprised to see people rather ‘under-dressed’. In India, Christmas is the big day and (almost) everybody wears new/good clothes. Here it was like regular Sunday mass – jeans, tshirts and cardigans. It was only the oldies (or it seemed like) that brought out their suits and good coats.
  • The shock of Benazir Bhutto’s assassination still lingers.
  • My Dec cover story in the inflight mag looks great!

Here’s looking to 2008! May this year bring us health, happiness and lots of writing contracts 🙂

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