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The Christmas Lunch

I’m pleased to report that Christmas lunch was a hit.

A simple menu, lots of tasty food, and good company – that’s all you need for a succesful party. We had the ingredients in spades.

Our Indo-British menu (!) was quick and easy to prepare – with a little help from the Namesake.

Here’s what we had:

Giant Roast Chicken (7 lb!) with stuffing
Peas Pulao

Traditional Christmas Brussel Sprouts

Reinforcements arrived from India in the form of a small roast chicken (lots of spicy stuffing), pork and sweets! A&P brought starters, wine, bread and other bits. We shall put this down to everybody’s generosity and not as a reflection of our cooking!

With all that variety, people were bound to be happy at the end of it.

Here are some pictures. Enjoy 🙂
The table set for six.

The Giant Roast Chicken

Traditional Xmas Brussel Sprouts

Reinforcements from India:
– A small roast chicken
– Pork
(Thanks, Mom!)
(and everybody else!)

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