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I hate IE 7.0

It’s not easy giving up old habits. IE 7.0 makes a big leap from the user-friendly (IMO) IE 6.0.

Take those toolbars, for instance. Why would anybody in their right minds have TWO buttons for Favorites instead of all in one place? IE 7 has one button called hte Favorites Centre (Favorites, Feeds, History) and one right next to it called ‘Add to Favorites’. Sigh.

I know, I hear you say, “What’s the big deal?”. For one used to clicking just one button, it’s hard work. And a waste of time as you spend precious seconds searching for images and buttons that aren’t where they logically should be.

Some more criticisms :

  • The ‘Lock toolbar’ function works only for current window. Close the browser and the toolbars go back to where they were installed. Which means a little more looking.
  • The Command toolbar with the ‘Home , Print etc’ buttons is now on the right hand corner of the main window. And it cannot be moved. Atleast I’ve figured out how to add/delete buttons on that toolbar.
  • The topmost toolbar is the one with the back/forward arrows. After the address bar, comes the ‘Refresh’ and the ‘Stop’ buttons – which logically, in my mind’ should be on the command toolbar. And it can’t be moved. Oh well, more searching.

I wish I could uninstall 7 and go back to 6, but I know that security wise it’s probably a better version. You may ask why I’m still using IE instead of any of the ‘better’ browsers. I have no excuse, except to say, “It came with the laptop…”.


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