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Not so charitable Christmas cards

From the UK Fundraising site comes a report that confirms what some of us already knew:

The Irish Times found that in most cases it was impossible to tell from the cards what the return was to charity. Two exceptions were Marks and Spencer cards sold in Ireland, which is giving 10 per cent of the sales price to Focus Ireland, and Debenhams, which is giving 20 per cent to the ISPCC.

Not surprisingly, buying cards directly from the charity gives a much larger percentage to the charity. The Irish Cancer Society says 80 per cent of revenues goes to their organisation if people buy directly from them but as little is 10 per cent if people buy their cards from Boots.

An umbrella group, Irish Charity Cards, says 25 per cent of their revenues go to
seven charities. The ICC is not in favour of putting the direct return to charity on the card as is the case in the UK because large card producers have greater economies of scale.

An Post says Irish people will send 110 million cards this year.

Full link: http://www.fundraising.co.uk/ireland/news/8698

If you want to buy charity Christmas cards go to http://www.studio51.com/ . This great company gives 51p for every £1 you spend on their cards. Available only online to cut costs, here is a company that helps charities raise funds at no cost to them or their supporters.

In a recent news item, Studio 51 MD Alan Hawkes says :
“Charities get around £10-15 million a year and that is just plain disappointing when more than £100 million a year is currently spent on charity Christmas cards in the UK. That figure should be – and could be – around £20 to £30 million by Christmas 2012.”

“It’s easy to buy a box of so-called ‘charity’ cards in the high street and that is all many people do, even though charities get such a poor deal out of the arrangement. And of course many people don’t buy charity cards at all.”

Hawkes says that attitude must change. “I want buying charity cards to be so normal that if you receive a Christmas card from a friend or relative and there is no charity donation attached, you’ll be saying something like: “I can’t believe cousin John didn’t send charity cards this year.”

He advises people to buy cards direct from a charity to ensure most of the money goes to that charity. His company provides a service to those charities which don’t have the time or resources to set up a retail operation.

See a list of the ‘Meanest Christmas Cards retailers’ here.

What are you waiting for? Send some Studio51 cards today!

PS: If you want a charity recommendation, choose this one.
PPS: I don’t work for the company nor do I have a stake in it. My charity benefits from any purchases attributed to us, but you are free to choose any charity of your choice. Really.


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