Whatever happened to ‘Tall, Dark and Handsome’?

Magazines, Billboards, television. Everywhere I looked on this trip, there was a fairness ad – for Indian men.

A TV ad showed a trendy young woman rejecting a man – because he’s dark. What happened to feminism?! Is this volte-face supposed to be ’empowerment’?

Fair & Lovely was bad enough. Now SRK endorses Emami’s ‘Fair & Handsome’. Their website helpfully tells you ‘Why There is need for Fair Skin?‘ (sic). The detailed graph on the page is supposed to be self-explanatory : “womens are attracted” seems like a good enough reason.

In the mood for a laugh (or cry), watch the ad for Fair & Handsome.

A TOI report states that Indian men account for 25% of the fairness cream market. The market itself is worth a staggering Rs.800 crore.

Apart from Emami, Nivea has its Whitening Moisturizer and Whitening Foam for men.

2 comments on “Whatever happened to ‘Tall, Dark and Handsome’?

  1. I was wondering this very question myself. It is a crying shame that these beautiful Indian men and women go to the extremes they do to lighten their beautiful dark skin. Wish I was fortunate to have the color skin they have and don’t appreciate.

  2. We’re not the only once this bothers. Check out this interview with Bipasha. The references is in the
    sixth paragraph but the fifth one
    brings out a good point as well.


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