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More books than clothes

This trip to India was remarkable for the things we brought back with us. Unlike previous expeditions, clothes (who needs cotton in England, now?) were left back and we came back instead with kilos of paper – books, newspaper cuttings, magazines, mastheads, thin canvas boards (haven’t seen them in art shops here) and so on.

With the global publishing industry descending on India, this was an opportune time to buy copies of Vogue India, Marie Claire, Elle and other magazines. In between wedding preparations, I studied the magazines as taught to, keeping the masthead for contact information. The paucity of guidelines and ‘proper’ contact information means that one has to rely on the goodwill of other writers to get an editor’s email address or payment details.

A visit to the Crossword store in the shiny new domestic airport at Mumbai led to a welcome discovery – two new books from Richard Bach. After a long drought, Curious lives and the Messiah’s Handbook have fallen like manna and I can’t wait to read them. I also picked up Shashi Tharoor’s ‘Bookless in Baghdad’, a compilation of essays on reading. I loved Tharoor’s Riot and Bookless is an interesting glimpse into the reading (and writing) of this accomplished man.

I also picked up some lovely handmade stationery from a shop in Panjim called ‘Paperworks’.


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