Drowning in images

I’ve asked this before, but because I’ve got 1000+ images from our trip to edit and share, SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!

With Yahoo! Photos now closed, what do you use to share your pictures? I use Photobucket but I’ve recently discovered that it doesn’t allow sharing of individual albums – share one and all albums are visible. Yikes.

What are the alternatives, then?

Kodak – you get emails after 12 months asking you to make a purchase to keep your account active, or is that just for me?

Flickr – too public for my liking. Is there a private option?

Snapfish – no personal experience.

What else?

Any suggestions are highly welcome!


2 comments on “Drowning in images

  1. I migrated to Flickr from Yahoo and use the privacy option. Unless I send a guest pass no one can view our snaps. Works for me so far!

  2. Thanks for the tip. Didn’t know that Flickr albums could be made private. Will take a look!


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