Did you miss me?

It’s my first morning back in England after an almost 4 week holiday in India. Jet-lag and a nap on the flight meant that we woke at 5 am. Mr.R managed to go back to sleep. Having tossed and turned for some time, I reluctantly gave up the warmth of the duvet and walked into the living room in time to see a quiet, crisp morning taking shape.

This morning reminds me of my first few days in England. It has that same quality of new-ness. The cherry trees have a handful of leaves, now orange and gold, struggling in the wind. The rest line the pavement in a stream of yellow. The skies are overcast and the temperature is around 9 degrees. It’s a bit chilly, but not unduly cold. After a month of 80% humidity levels, this is like walking around in a slightly colder AC bubble.

It’s a Wednesday morning. The rush hour traffic has not yet picked up. It’s quiet, except for the hum of an occasional bus or car and the keyboard going tap-tap. I’ve missed this silence. In Goa, we often woke up to horns blaring and people chatting downstairs. In Mumbai, it was the sound of children playing cricket or football on the playground opposite or school buses honking loudly to remind their charges to hurry up.

There’s a lot of things that one misses about England when in India. What we didn’t miss was having to go to work and all the stresses that accompanies that. Now, if we could only find a way to live a life without bosses and Monday mornings…

While we work on that quandary, we’ll turn our attention to the mountain of mail piled up on the doorstep, 600+ emails waiting to be read (not including junk mail), blog posts and pics to be uploaded, the fridge to be stocked and lunch to think of.

And yes, the clocks have turned back while we were away, so that has to be adjusted before we get everywhere an hour later than scheduled.

Lots to do. Lots to tell. Be back soon.


3 comments on “Did you miss me?

  1. Yes, we missed you. Wish I had been in India too. 😦 Looking forward to hearing more about your trip.

    All the best on your articles too.

  2. Thanks, Simran 🙂

  3. welcome. 🙂

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