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‘Dress’ rehearsal

The hunt is on.

With the summer clothing finally off the shelves, it is time to go hunting for that elusive party-dress again. I need to find something festive for a upcoming occasion, but it seems I’m a bit early for the winter collection (when the Christmassy clothes start coming out).

Nevertheless, some shops already have a supply of sparkly dresses, disco tops and the always-in-fashion black dress.

The trouble is, I find it hard to find anything to fit me.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s a lot of stuff in my size, but nothing seems ‘appropriate’. Today, I’ve spent over 4 hours on Oxford Street, tried on 12 dresses (ranging from £150 – £30) and have not bought a single one. The reason : the dresses either don’t fit well, have plunging necklines or look tacky. And who the hell can wear those floor length maxi dresses? Besides supermodels?

There was one that I liked – a black halter neck with sequins on the neck and waist. It fit rather well too. Until upon closer inspection I noticed that a lot of the sequins had fallen off. The label said ‘Made in India’. It’s a shame it was so mangled.

Waste of time? Well, at least I now know where NOT to look. Eliminating this, this, this and this store makes life so much easier. Or does it?


One comment on “‘Dress’ rehearsal

  1. Have never shopped at M&S for clothes – but recently I’ve been seeing pictures in the LondonPaper of M&S clothes that look like they are made for young people (who dont want to look like teenagers). So I guess I neednt bother going there for my shopping trip this weekend.

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