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Are you on Facebook?

I’ve successfully managed to stay away from invitations to MySpace, Ringo and god-know-what-else. I had a dormant account on Facebook, but managed to avoid being a regular. That was until people began finding me – college mates, cousins, fellow writers on other forums.

The trick to enjoying being on Facebook is to keep the numbers small and limited to people you really know. This month has been extra special because I found two great friends from college (admittedly, one I found on batchmates.com – it pays to occasionally check old, really old, email accounts) and it adds a whole new dimension to my life because I’ve missed having them around.

It’s also great to have cousins and other members of the extended family all in one place. This gives me a chance to get to know what’s going on with them and to keep in touch without sending long emails back and forth. Having grown up in different continents and cities means we are not close, but at least we can start afresh.

I found Shoefie there as well – she’s a fellow writer and I do feel I know her rather well (at least the public persona!), so that meets my criteria 🙂

Here’s to more reunions.


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