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The Purpose of Spam

This email dropped into my work inbox today. With most spam, you are asked to click on a link or reply with money or you receive advice to improve your sex life. This one seems like a con to get an unsuspecting man (are there any of those online?) to reply back to “Pamela”. And then what?
It’s a pleasure to write to you,how are you today.Best wishes of the day, hope all is well with you down there.Infact my name is PAMELA and i came across your profile and i loved it, then i decieded to write you because you are the type of stuff i need. Meanwhile i don’t know how this letter will look to you but i belived that you will accept it with all your mind.

There is nothing that i am looking for that you should accept FRIENDSHIP and that will lead to marriage, i need some one that will be very serious, loving and caring and nothing more. And i also promised that i will show my full LOVE to you too. I hope to hear from you as soon as you receive this mail.
please i will be very greatful if you will accept my request.


Ps: This was a yahoo.co.in id… Tch, Tch.


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