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The joys of Bollywood

Life has not been the same ever since Mr.R discovered the existence of Star Gold.

Since he stumbled upon 811 (formerly 830) , he watches the most inane (in my opinion) films with enthusiasm. The channel shows good films sometimes but the majority of the schedule is populated by the likes of 80s box office blunders. The songs, dances, costumes and dialogues (we counted six usages of “khabardar” in three minutes) make me want to wish for a power-cut, but the sun is shining and the look on Mr.R’s face is too endearing for any ill-will.

It’s not just the film itself that entrances him, but also the music. He quickly recognises tunes that are ‘inspired’ by western classical music and is able to name the copy accurately. Most of the time *I* have only a vague sense that I’ve heard the tune somewhere so it’s rather amazing to have it identified this way.

I’m so glad Bollywood has somewhat grown up since then. I can’t bear the thought of another villain bleeding at the steps of a fake temple, a snake looking on with an “I-told-you-so” look and a daughter screaming “Nahi!”. And no more Tom Alter as the white smuggler, please!


One comment on “The joys of Bollywood

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