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10 things I never knew about driving in England

1. Driving on ice or snow increases your stopping distance by ten times more than normal.

2. The flashing lights on ambulances etc all have color codes : Blue for emergency services, amber for slow moving vehicles (gritters, lorries) and green for doctors on emergency calls (rare, but still seen – the green light,I mean, not the doctor!)

3. When there’s no speed limit sign visible and a road has streetlights, then your speed should be max 30

4. Pedestrians with a white stick indicate that they are partially sighted or blind (I knew that). A white stick with a red bar indicates that they are blind and deaf.

5. Horses and cyclists will usually stay in the left hand lane of roundabout, even if they mean to turn right at some point. They will go around and then indicate right to get to their exit, so don’t overtake them.

6. The driver is responsible for seat belts for children under 14. Above 14, you’re considered an adult and will be held responsible yourself.

7. You are not allowed to carry out repairs to your car on the motorway. So even if you have a puncture and can repair it on your own, you should call for motorway assistance.

8. You MUST NOT use rear or front fog lights unless visibility is seriously reduced.

9. Stay away from motorcyclists in windy weather. They can be blown away into your path.

10. When your vehicle fails on the motorway, park on the hard shoulder with the wheels pointing to the left as much as possible, contact motorway assistance, then wait as far away from the carriageway and hard shoulder as possible.


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