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Another problem for the NHS

The latest developments in the terrorism case will make things so much harder for the non-British doctors in the UK.

Hospital doctors from the third world have not had it easy. Coping with the stringent rules, lack of jobs and years of ‘training’ (read ‘free jobs’) will now be compounded by suspicion and even more discrimination by employers (I think.)

Junior Indian doctors have already found that jobs are being offered to EU immigrants and they are, really, at the bottom of the list.

This whole new breed of medical terrorists (for want of a better phrase), most of whom happen to be Asian will just add to the discrimination. And at some level, I wouldn’t blame them. After all, if your doctors let you down, who do you trust?

Let’s hope that junior doctors and non-white hospital doctors in general do not suffer from a backlash.

Selfishly, perhaps it’s a good thing that Mr.R is no longer in hospital medicine. We pray for those who are.


Oh Dear.

The first Indian national (also a doctor) is detained in Australia on his way back to India.


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