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Relatively speaking

The house feels empty this morning.
For the last 2 weeks, my mum, sister and brother-in-law were with us on a holiday to England. I took time off from work and we did the usual touristy things – London Eye, Mme Tussuad’s, London Zoo, The Aquarium, Thames Cruise and the Sightseeing bus, Trafalgar Square & the National Gallery, Green Park & Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park , the Albert Hall and the Albert Memorial, Oxford Circus and shopping. We also managed a day trip to Windsor Castle.
We ate ice-cream in the rain (as is the traditional English thing to do in June), walked for miles and shopped for bargains. We went to see a play (somewhat scandalous, but still quite funny), had several barbecues in the sunshine (brr!) and when nostalgia overtook us, watched movies on Star Gold.

In all, I hope they had a good time. They’ll probably need a vacation after all that walking (who walks in Mumbai?!). Being bumped up to Club class on the return flight (envy, envy!) may prove somewhat rejuvenating.


One comment on “Relatively speaking

  1. Sounds wonderful.

    Totally agree about all the walking making people tired. Had some friends from India over last month and they would get so exhausted with all the walking..which now seems to regular.

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