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A grant application that I submitted, asking for 1400£ was successful for (gasp!) £5000!!

Getting more money than I asked for is extremely unusual. It’s usually the other way around 🙂

*little silent dance here*

The morning, however, began badly.

Mid coffee, for some strange reason, I decided to tidy up my handbag. Emptying the contents, I couldn’t find (to my horror) my wallet. Mr.R and I backtracked over the whole day yesterday, but I didn’t have any recollection of taking the wallet out when we were on the High Street. The last I saw it was yesterday morning when I left for work and did the usual phone-wallet-keys check. So where could it be?

Precious morning minutes were flying by. In the midst of the semi-panic, Mr.R who was on call, was asked to check on a patient. In the meantime, one of the kitchen cupboard doors came off its hinges. In the middle of the madness, I had the presence of mind to check the bank statement online. My paltry savings were still intact. But that didn’t really mean anything, because it takes a day or so for withdrawals to show up.

While mulling over the horror of losing the wallet (cards could be reclaimed, but there was something more precious – Mr.R’s passport is being renewed at the High Commission and they gave me a receipt to pick it up tomorrow… Did I dare lose that receipt?!) I managed to re-hinge the cupboard, get ready for work, have a hurried breakfast and get Mr.R off to work on time.

Mr.R gave me a surprise lift to work as he was on his way to a house call. I reached work, praying that the wallet would be there. And (thank you, God), it was. Sitting pretty on my desk without any remorse for the panic it had caused.

All’s well that ends well, as they say.

Lesson learnt : Do the phone-wallet-keys check to and from work.


One comment on “Woohoo!

  1. I have done this before, with my card case. It is the most nerve wracking thing to do.

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