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I’d probably be a hopeless travel writer on commission.
Our Venice trip concluded in the first week of April and I’m still blogging Day one of the trip. That will have to wait. Perhaps a quick re-cap instead of a travelogue…
In the meantime, we’ve just returned from Granada, Spain. This was my first trip to Spain. The warm and sunny days were a blessing. I believe we missed “torrential rains” in the UK over the weekend. We were lucky.
Or maybe not.
While I’ll tell you about this fabulous trip in a post (soon!), let me end now by saying that our return flight last night was cancelled. Bird hit, apparently. So there we were, stranded at Granada airport close to midnight with a plane load of passengers with nowhere to go. The airport shut at midnight and we had to go back to Granada (with no help from the airline), find a place to stay and come back to the airport the next morning!
Is ‘bird-hit-engine-flight-cancelled’ a good enough excuse for not turning up to work after a bank holiday weekend? Depends on who you work for, I guess.
Anyway, the flight finally took off at noon today and we got back home after 4, a full fourteen hours late.
Ryanair is going to be inundated with compensation letters. I hope.
While you mull over crazy airport procedures and uncaring airlines, here are a few pictures…

What makes Granada the second most visited city in Europe…The Alhambra

The Alhambra with the fantastic Sierra Nevada mountains in the background

A peek into the beautiful formal gardens of the Generalife


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