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Two friends, an English breakfast and a baby

Mr. R and I spent the most of yesterday morning in the garden, enjoying the sunshine. It’s wonderful to feel the grass beneath your feet (as great as sand!). With books to keep us company and drinks to refresh, we read, pondered, wrote and enjoyed the quiet morning. Except for the general hum of traffic, lots of spring birds, there was only the sound of guitar strings from upstairs. A lovely way to spend a morning…


We had our first overnight guest since we’ve moved downstairs earlier this year. Our friend P, temporary bachelor, came over to visit convalescing Mr R and stayed the night. We had a wonderful Michelin rated Thai dinner , followed by a viewing of Munnabhai -II. It was quite funny, I must admit, in some parts. Quite loud in others and typically Bollywood in the rest. In all, it was a fun way to spend time with good company.

This morning, P was in a mood for some ‘English’ breakfast, so we drove around till we found a place that was finally open and had our fill of the greasy eggs, sausages and soaking-with-butter toast.

Ninety minutes and a lot of chat later, we returned home and P left for home.

Two hours later, Mr.R’s orchestra friend and five month old baby came to visit. The afternoon progressed trying to keep the baby entertained and figuring out what she was trying to convey with her cries, coos and was-that-a-smile?

We wrapped up a very busy day with Sunday Mass; gave away eight books in very good condition for the annual May Fayre, along with completed raffle tickets. Fingers crossed we win something 🙂


One comment on “Two friends, an English breakfast and a baby

  1. That does sound like a relaxed and bright sunday! Don’t you just love spring/ summer in this country ?(even the odd rain drizzle does nothing to dampen my mood!)

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